Thursday, December 20, 2007

Partisan Debate

Our politicians in the legislature can’t seem to get over the election as the campaign continues in debate in the legislature. Yesterday, I observed the government members laughing while the opposition asked questions during question period. The opposition then laughed when government members were attempting to answer the questions. This is unacceptable and not what we should expect from our elected officials. The Speaker of the legislature was apparently unable to bring any order to the disorder that occurred throughout the question period.

The Brad Wall SaskParty government should simply get on with governing and quit gloating over their move from the opposition benches to the government benches. The NDP opposition should get on with protecting the public purse and get used to the idea that they are now the official opposition for the next four years. Having a debate each day in question period regarding their respective campaign promises is unproductive and only serves the partisan nature of politics.

The legislature is comprised of elected members representing both SaskParty members and NDP members. It is the role of all politicians to collectively work on behalf of each resident of Saskatchewan. I understand there will always be some partisan debate in the legislature, but in this post election period in the legislature it is a tad over the top. Both parties should embrace a little humility and get on with some respectful debate on the issues that matter to Saskatchewan residents. Now is the time for our politicians to get on with respectfully serving the people who elected them.