Thursday, December 06, 2007

Attack on MP James Moore

The recent political news out of Ottawa wherein an NDP Member of the House of Commons, Irene Mathyssen has made apparent baseless allegations against Conservative MP James Moore about what she thought she saw on his laptop computer in the House of Commons is a disgrace to the entire NDP caucus. Mathyssen has since apologized to James Moore by phone and will officially apologize in the House of Commons in the next day or so. I am purposefully not saying what her allegation was against Moore in this letter because it would only add to the harm that has already been inflicted on James Moore.

James Moore is a young bright conservative politician who is rightfully one of the most respected members in the House of Commons. He works hard and is a great speaker. He is the kind of person and politician we should all hope to have representing us in Ottawa. I have the highest regard for this young and articulate politician.

I expect Moore will likely accept Mathyssen’s apology and move on with his hard work in Ottawa. On the other hand, he may decide to sue Mathyssen for the comments she made outside the House of Commons, where she is not immune from liability. James Moore has the right to sue Irene Mathyssen for what are apparent groundless allegations. If he chooses to sue for the damages this issue has needlessly made on his personal reputation then it may serve to prevent these mindless and unjustified personal attacks in the future.