Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hats Off

Hold on to your hat, but not all the time. I have to tell you there is a practice that is just not making sense. My view on this subject is likely to draw a lot of fire, but lets let her rip and see what happens.

Decades ago it was the practice for men to remove their hats when entering public facilities. Now men enter restaurants and sit happily down to chow down a meal or simply sit around visiting over a cup of coffee or some other form of beverage with their hats on. In fact, most men enter all kinds of facilities and attend all kinds of functions and sit contently with their favourite old hat firmly squared on their heads.

On New Years Eve my wife and I went out for dinner. I couldn’t help pointing out to her two senior couples that were out for dinner as well. The ladies were all dressed up and looking as good as they could. Their husbands, presumably, were not equally dressed for the occasion, but the most ridiculous thing, for my part, was that these supposed gentlemen sat there happily with their hats firmly squared on their heads.

I guess I got raised old school, but, as the saying goes, good on my parents. Now don’t take all this too seriously because it really doesn’t affect me one way or the other if men choose to wear their hats in public facilities or while they are out for dinner. It is just an observation and it would likely show a little respect if men just simply ripped that old hat off for a short time when it is appropriate.

Happy New Year and hats off to those who remove their hats! Who knows you could make it New Year’s resolution.