Friday, June 09, 2006

Equalization Formula

It seems Stephen Harper is about to renege on his campaign promise to remove Saskatchewan’s oil and gas resources from the controversial equalization formula.

A federal government committee has made this recommendation and Harper now claims it is his preference to default to the committees recommendations as opposed to his campaign promise.

It seems he has the same contempt for Saskatchewan’s Premier Lorne Calvert as he has for Ontario’s Premier.

It is interesting to note that Ontario and Saskatchewan are allies regarding how the equalization formula should be restructured. Further, I can’t imagine Alberta agreeing with Harper on the issue of oil and gas being included in the equalization formula.

Will Prime Minister Harper deny Saskatchewan the benefit of our natural resources and keep Saskatchewan in a half not state in to perpetuity.

I am guessing we will not likely gain much in Saskatchewan under a Harper style conservative government.

Harper is more likely to trade us off for gains in Quebec so he can form a majority government. It seems he is prepared to risk losing 12 seats in Saskatchewan to gain the support of Quebec. Premier Lorne Calvert is rightfully now calling for the support of the Saskatchewan conservative MP’s who once held the same pre-election position as Stephen Harper. The voters are paying for the bloated salaries of these MP’s and should at least hold them accountable to their election promises.

Quebec is another issue, but isn’t it time to quit catering to Quebec. Prime Minister Harper seems prepared to bow to the whims of Quebec like Prime Ministers before him.

Harper may buy enough votes in Quebec to eliminate separatism, but he will do this at the expense of western resources, Canadian tax dollars and a few Saskatchewan conservative Member’s of Parliament.

I disagree with Prime Minister Harper on his position regarding the equalization formula. It is not good for Saskatchewan or western Canada.

Maybe he will change his position, but don’t hold your breath.