Monday, February 06, 2006

New Conservative Government

I have only written on politics once since the call of the last election. I cannot be accused of attempting to influence the public during the election. It is now time to make a few observations as Harper is now Prime Minister and a new Cabinet has been sworn in and is bracing for condemnation from the opposition and from within.

Harper asked Canadians to “Stand up for Canada” and they collectively made a good decision by electing a razor thin minority conservative government. It is now time for Harper and this new conservative government to “Stand and Deliver.”

Credit Harper for reducing the size of government, but who paid the price? Ontario and Quebec got half the cabinet appointments including Michael Fortier who was not even elected. The Harper conservatives have always argued for an elected Senate, but it is apparently all right to appoint a non-elected person from Montreal to cabinet. Now we should ask, what has really changed?

David Emerson is another case. A liberal who is on record promising to be Stephan Harper’s worst enemy and now he crosses the floor and sits in Harper’s cabinet. Ironically, from what I am hearing from the street maybe he will be Harper’s worst enemy. Belinda Stronach must be laughing at Harper and all the media who made such an issue out of her crossing to the liberals because Harper made it clear there was no place in the conservative party for her.

Agriculture in Saskatchewan again gets a bad rap. Why could we not have had a minister from Saskatchewan, Manitoba or Alberta? For that matter, Saskatchewan generally was again short changed. We elected twelve conservatives out of Saskatchewan and only got one cabinet minister. Further, I respectfully suggest she will never have the depth in politics as a Ralph Goodale and I say this as a conservative. It seems there were better people left out of cabinet than were appointed. Again, what has changed?

We should all spend our money on postage writing Stephan Harper to threaten to be his worst enemy. Maybe we too can be appointed to cabinet or be given a plumb position in this new accountable, ethical and scandal free conservative government. I worked for the conservatives on Election Day. You can ask me why?