Monday, November 16, 2015

2015 Federal Election

What more can be said about the recent 2015 federal election?  To begin with governments usually defeat themselves when in power too long.  This was the fate of the Harper conservatives, but it was not entirely the fault of Stephen Harper.  The conservative caucus should have had the courage to stand up and oppose Mr. Harper and the power he controlled out of his Prime Ministerial Office.  They were too afraid of being thrown under the bus and the voters finally took control and threw them out of office.  They got what they deserved.

The election results reflected the voters mood for change, the Harper conservatives ran a poor election and the liberals played to the mood of the voters during an unnecessarily long election.  Adding to the liberals support was the collapse of the NDP vote on their poor choices during the campaign.  I am pleased with the election results.  Justin Trudeau and some new faces in government is just what Canada needs.

I caution the new liberal government to not get caught up with their good fortune.  Yes they have a majority government, but they need to remember their win was not all on their own brilliance.  It was as much the failure of the other two parties during the campaign and this can all turn on a dime in a very short time.

Finally, the media and the official opposition, in the interests of Canada, should back off petty and speculative attacks on the government.  Giving this new majority liberal government time to govern may assist in supporting necessary cooperation among our Members of Parliament.