Friday, March 27, 2015

Five Million Lives Saved

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Bill Gates met last month to renew the call to advance global Maternal, Newborn and Child health priorities.  In the news release it states that Canada (PM Stephen Harper) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have a long history of successful collaboration in support of international development.  This is a collaboration of public and private funds.  The Prime Minister uses public funds and Bill and Melinda Gates use private funds.  It is all a noble initiative to save the lives of mothers and new born children.

One could ask if there will ever be enough funds to save the lives of young mothers and children in developing countries.  I suppose if I had access to public funds or I was a billionaire I may be inclined to attempt to save a few lives in developing countries.  I would be more inclined to save a few lives here in Canada like the Sandra Schmirler Fund.

There was an interesting fact in the news release issued by the Prime Minister.  It stated that, "The lives of more than five million mothers and children have been saved in developing countries since 2010 due in large part to the global effort to improve maternal, newborn and child health."  That sounds good, but it leaves me wondering who was counting.  It must be an elaborate system to calculate that fact over the last five years.

I believe Canadians need to be more diligent in monitoring how and where their federal government spends their tax dollars and to what end.