Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PM Harper on Rob Ford

Rider Nation is engaged in the greatest Grey Cup week in the history of the CFL.  The Riders and Tiger Cats do battle for the Grey Cup on Sunday.  We should be thinking of nothing else until this great event is over.  This is Rider Nation time.  It should not be Rob Ford time.

Rob Ford is the disgraced Mayor of Toronto.  PM Stephen Harper, Jim Flaherty, and other conservatives are close friends of Rob Ford.  They are reluctant to turn their backs on Rob Ford, but Harper had no problem turning his back on the Senators he appointed.

The CTV reported that, “The Prime Minister’s Office waded into the Rob Ford controversy for the first time Monday, issuing a brief statement calling the latest allegations of his drug and alcohol use “troubling.”  The federal Conservative government has remained largely silent as a scandal has engulfed one of its key political allies in Ontario.  After months of denials, Ford recently admitted that he has smoked crack cocaine.”

Harper then disgraced himself in his statement on Rob Ford with a cheap shot at Justin Trudeau.  The Harper government has been embroiled in failed policies and scandals.  Stephen Harper is in no position to take cheap shots at anyone considering his own personal situation.  Rob Ford is a disgrace to the country and Stephen Harper is not far behind him.

Now back to the Grey Cup week and a Rider win on Sunday.