Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fix It

The Premier of Saskatchewan has now taken the position of the NDP and the people of Saskatchewan.  That is to abolish the Senate.  Recent controversy over the scandal plagued Senate drove the Premier to his current position.  That is understandable, as he needs to be on the side of public opinion.

I understand the position of the Premier and the people of Saskatchewan, but there is a greater issue at play.  The Premier and the people of Saskatchewan need to carefully consider.

If the government is not able to fix their house then how can they fix yours?  Governments and politicians across the country are increasingly plagued with scandal and a disregard for transparency and democracy.  Only our elected politicians are in a position to provide Canadians with accountable and transparent governments.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper has failed Canadians and especially regarding the scandals surrounding certain Senators.

Further, an elected Senate will change nothing.  Many elected politicians from the House of Commons and provincial legislatures are less than honest with voters.  If abolishing the Senate is the solution as opposed to fixing the Senate then is it possible to apply that same rule to abolish our current institution of government.

According to the Premier of Saskatchewan, there are more important issues than our scandal plagued Senate.  I disagree.  What is more important than democracy, accountable and transparent governments, and honest politicians?  It is time to fix what we have, not abolish it.