Thursday, May 23, 2013

Senate Scandal

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has ruled with an iron fist since he became Prime Minister. With the Senate scandal and everything else that has gone wrong with his “Harper Government" it is only the Prime Minister who can speak to this mess.

He has suppressed free speech in not allowing many of his caucus members to speak out on issues important to them and their constituents. They now have every right to rise up and rebel over the Senate scandal issue.

The Prime Minister claims he knows nothing regarding the details and nature of the scandal. He just keeps on firing people. Therefore, if the Prime Minister knows nothing has fired his Chief of Staff and has little reason to trust anyone’s advice you have to ask who is now advising the Prime Minister. All power is in the Office of the Prime Minister. That strategy is now a liability for the Prime Minister.

The involvement of Senator David Tkachuk and Carolyn Stewart Olsen is no surprise to me. Senator Tkachuk is a long time backroom political dealmaker now weaving his web from the Senate. Do not underestimate him. My bet is he will slither out of this mess unscathed, but will Prime Minister Stephen Harper.