Monday, October 15, 2012

Regina Civic Election

The civic election should amount to more than which candidates support the proposed new stadium for the Riders. Even candidates whom support the stadium, but not exactly as currently proposed are deemed opposed to the stadium and against the Riders. John Gormley takes the position that if you want the stadium there is only one candidate to support for Mayor. I disagree!

Reducing a civic election to essentially one issue is wrong and fails to hear the concerns of Regina residents on other important issues. It is never right to fight an election on one or two issues. Unfortunately, that too often is the case in many elections. There are many issues like infrastructure, the rising debt, the pension fund deficit, tax rates, property taxes, governmental transparency and a lack of affordable housing to name a few.

I suggest that Regina voters make their choice for Mayor, council and school boards based on a range of issues, accountability, and transparency. Moreover, that will include the stadium even if you do not bleed green.