Thursday, May 03, 2012

Harper Conservatives Failing Canadians

The Harper government is feeding the opposition every day with many unnecessary cuts to the civil service. Library and Archives Canada is just one example of where cuts will be harmful. All reasonable efforts are necessary to record Canadian history for future generations. Our history is the foundation upon which we build our future in this great country. The Harper government needs to get their own financial house in order before lining up dedicated and important public civil servants at the firing wall. True, some trimming may be necessary, but be careful that it is not at our own peril and at the risk of failing all Canadians. First, cut the lavish and despicable spending habits of Harper’s cabinet, which angers working Canadians.

After only one year with a majority, the Harper government seems incapable of governing without embarrassing Canadians on a weekly basis. There must be something wrong when the NDP is now in a virtual tie with the Harper conservatives in recent polls. Stephen Harper seems to have lost control of his cabinet, MP’s, and government in less than a year. As a life long conservative, I find this difficult to understand. My dedicated and hard working liberal MP, Ralph Goodale is looking better everyday thanks in large part to Stephen Harper.