Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Drunk Drivers

Driving a motor vehicle is a challenge as you dodge all the poor drivers on our streets and highways. Many people are involved in vehicle accidents. There are accidents on our streets and highways every day. It is why we have to pay high insurance fees on our vehicles. Vehicle accidents can be minor and annoying. They can also be very serious leaving people injured either for a long time or for life. They are often deadly. Serious injuries often leave people with long periods of pain and rehabilitation. An accident involving death leaves families and friends with a lifetime of mourning.

With all this in mind, why do people drive while intoxicated. Zero tolerance is the only reasonable approach to dealing with drunk drivers. One drink is simply too many if you plan to operate a vehicle. Is it really worth risking your life and the life of others? There is no excuse worth hearing from those found guilty of driving while intoxicated. One convicted on a second offense, should lose their privilege to drive for life. The alternative is to run the risk of these drunk drivers seriously injuring others or worse, the risk of causing the death of completely innocent people. These risks also include pedestrians.

Bad drivers need to have their driving privileges removed based on their driving record. Drunk drivers should have their privileges removed more quickly and for longer periods. There may be some hope of rehabilitating a bad driver, little for an intoxicated driver and next to none for one addicted to substance abuse like alcohol. What reason is there for us to feel sorry for someone facing driving while intoxicated charges before the courts?