Monday, April 18, 2011

Stephen Harper's Interview with John Gormley

Stephen Harper’s most recent visit to Saskatchewan entertained no questions from the media, but he did entertain an interview with John Gormley. This would be the safest place in Saskatchewan for Stephen Harper. It was a love in and they may as well held hands as Gormley failed to press Harper on any issue.

When asked how he thought he was doing in Saskatchewan Harper stated he told his candidates to work as if they were nine points behind. Nationally that is about exactly where they are in the polls.  So, what else is new?

Then Harper went on to argue that if the voters do not give him a majority then the opposition parties will be calling the shots. That is simply not true if we believe Harper’s claim that he has been delivering good government from a minority position.

Then Harper discussed with Gormley how he intended to continue working toward an economic recovery that he largely caused to be necessary in the first place.  How impressive is that?

Nor did Harper accept any blame for the election in his interview with Gormley. John Gormley failed to raise the issue of why the conservative government is in contempt of parliament by a ruling of the Speaker of the House of Commons and confirmed by a majority vote in the House of Commons. An election became necessary due in part to this issue, along with Stephen Harper’s disdain for the rule of democracy. Harper said the voters did not want an election. Well, when do they want an election? Stephen Harper once believed in fixed elections. What happened to that belief?

To conclude the debate Stephen Harper essentially waffled on the question of why thirteen conservative MP’s are so quiet in Saskatchewan. He said they were strong supporters of gun control, but has Harper ever introduced a government motion to dismantle the gun control legislation?

Yes, it was a love in. Stephen Harper and John Gormley.