Thursday, December 09, 2010

Prime Minister Harper Rocks

Regardless of your political persuasion you have to give Prime Minister Stephen Harper full marks for his performance as a musician and a singer.  His latest performance is at the conservative caucus Christmas party.  Most politicians would never risk it, but not Harper.  He has had other public performances as a musician and singer and you just have to love it every time he performs.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper too often comes across as cool and calculating and he is all of that, but these musical performances show the other side of Prime Minister Harper.  In my view he isn't passionate about politics.  He just likes politics, trusts few and seems always to be in total control.  That is what is necessary to be totally successful in politics.  I made the mistake of trusting too many and too often.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper loves hockey and music and for a politician in this country it doesn't get any better.  He may not be your favorite rock star, but he is your Prime Minister and he will likely sing his way to at least another minority government.  Not everyone is in tune with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, but he is the one rocking on Parliament Hill right now and performing well in more ways than one.  Politics can be interesting and entertaining!

Watch this video on CBC and you will agree.