Thursday, September 09, 2010

Government's Not Responding

I receive regular information from both the federal government and the Saskatchewan provincial government. I also get regular information from my Member of Parliament, Ralph Goodale. With all this information I have come to some interesting conclusions.

There isn’t an uncut ribbon to be found in Saskatchewan because every SaskParty member is armed with a sharp set of scissors. They show up everywhere to be seen and to be heard. The federal government is no different as the Prime Minister flies all over Canada to announce new spending or to applaud some popular person, group or thing. This is what politics is all about.

According to the information I have on file I can see no reason why anyone should not vote for the SaskParty. Regardless, of what you look at the SaskParty has most of it covered. Based on performance it would be unreasonable to vote for any other party.

The federal government is another story. There are more reasons to vote against the Stephen Harper government than there are to vote for them. The problem is that the liberal opposition is not yet a viable alternative to the governing conservatives. Check the polls.

Is anyone really listening to their government unless they are directly affected? More importantly does it really matter if you are listening? My experience with both governments is that they expect you to listen, but I have had no success in getting either of them to respond to my questions and suggestions. I can live with that, but can you? The reality is that individual citizens have been effectively removed from the decision making process of government. All you get to do is vote. So what are you going to do about it?