Sunday, August 08, 2010

Election Talk

There has been talk about an election ever since Stephen Harper formed a minority government.  The liberals booted their former leader, Dion for Ignatieff, and the liberals are still not high enough in the polls to form government.  This is the only reason Harper is able to hang onto his minority government.  It is also the reason why talk of an election is a waste of time.  None of the political parties want to have an election because there would be no clear winner according to the polls.

Harper just made some minor changes to his cabinet and then promptly stated that an election would interrupt the nation's economic recovery.  I disagree with the Prime Minister.  There is very little economic recovery and much talk about slipping back into recession.  Harper once said Canada would not likely be in a recession and if so we would be the last in and the first out.  He made that statement at the same time he told the media that a Harper conservative government would not run deficits or increase the nation's debt.  Harper has been wrong on the economy from the very beginning and little has changed.  When will he realize there is little the government can do to improve the economy and a lot they can do, and have done, to harm the economy.

Canada's economy may be better than most, but it is anything but stable.  Check your stocks and your savings and investment deposits.  How are they doing?  The politicians know the economy is the most important issue facing Canadians.  Canada is one player in a large global economy.  The best thing the government can do is to manage effectively within existing economic conditions and quit talking about elections.