Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boots Challenges Genny

I would like to make a suggestion regarding your recent story titled “Dog Foiled in first bid for mayor’s job.” Why not open up the race to other dogs even if they don’t live in the constituency of Clarington council or in the province of Ontario. It would send a strong message to politicians and a bit of harmless humour.

I own a female Siberian Husky and her name is Boots. You could simply have people mail in photos of their dogs that they want to enter as mock candidates for council. This would include a short 200-word biography of their dog that you place in your paper and let the people decide. I am betting that my Boots can beat that dog Genny on looks alone any day of the week including Sunday.

Now there is my challenge and I have included some photos of Boots for your consideration. The winner would then be entitled to celebrity status and a day of recognition by Clarington council along with a sirloin steak. My Boots is great at shaking hands and putting on an appealing smile and I know how to run her campaign. I can see the headline in your paper reading “Boots beats Bowmanville dog in run for Clarington council celebrity.”