Thursday, January 14, 2010

Harper or Ignatieff

Canadian voters are increasingly looking at party leaders to determine which candidate they will support in provincial and federal elections. Looking at federal politics it comes down to Stephen Harper and Michael Ignatieff.

Harper is Prime Minister primarily because, at this time, he is the best leader and that is how Canadians vote. Harper leaves much to be desired, but he looks and acts Prime Ministerial. He leaves no doubt he is in control and that is how he runs government. He does not see himself as being in some kind of popularity contest. He often leaves the impression that he really doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau was a tad like that.

Michael Ignatieff must change his first impressions with the voters. He needs to hire someone to advise him on his overall presentation. He leaves you with the feeling that he is too intelligent and thinking far deeper than is necessary to get the job done. He should lighten up, be positive and show the voters he has more to offer than the Prime Minister. Ignatieff must soon provide real leadership that is somewhere past Facebook and well short of the Space Station. He also needs a better set of policies regarding the major policy issues. If not, then Stephen Harper truly is the best man to lead the country at this time.