Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Federal Election

It seems likely the nations politicians are going to burden us with yet another federal election. It comes at a cost of about 300 million with no apparent benefit to the Canadian taxpayers. When it is all over we will most likely be left with a minority liberal or conservative government. The NDP and Bloc are fringe players in Canadian politics and have no hope of forming government.

Stephen Harper argues that Canadians he has talked to don't want an election. Well that is a little weak. I suspect the liberals are saying that Canadians they are talking to want an election. The fact is both the Harper conservatives and the liberals are politically aligned in the middle of the political spectrum. This is where you have to be to form government and it is a natural place for the liberals. The conservatives have to work at it and are uncomfortable having to act like liberals, but they know they have no choice if they want to maintain their minority government or the possibility of forming a majority government.

The winners in this election are the politicians who get elected. They are very well paid and you have to ask if your MP is really worth it. The media also benefits as they get to cover this whole sorry mess as if it is the most important issue facing the country. The taxpayers will be the losers again as usual with little benefit resulting from a federal election. I suggest our nations politicians reject the notion of an election and get down to business and address the important issues facing Canadians. A federal general election will do little to serve the best interests of Canadians at this time.