Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Weather

We had the coldest winter in thirty years; we missed spring and jumped right into summer somewhere in July. It is now August and we have had a few days of normal summer. Fall cannot be far off as the birds are beginning to flock together and a few autumn leaves have gently floated down in my backyard. The hawks are slowly winging their way south and each day they move a few more line poles south. Summer wear is now on clearance at the stores and winter apparel is now on promotion.

It was a rough winter, a bad spring and a hit and miss summer. The only thing we can be sure of is another winter. For me and my Siberian Husky, Boots, that is not an entirely bad thing as she and I both enjoy winter, but even Boots enjoys her summer days down at the tennis club patiently waiting for me to try and win a game or two.

It would have been nice to have had a decent summer, but when you think of how bad this summer has been across the country it is likely prudent to consider how lucky we are to live in Saskatchewan. We have not had any bad storms, floods, forest fires or tornadoes that have caused such suffering for so many in other regions. I will take this summer for what it is and prepare for another winter and hope for a better summer next year. More importantly, I will give thanks for my health and my life as it is and simply take the weather one day at a time. Life in Saskatchewan is very good and the weather isn’t going to change that fact.