Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Premier Brad Wall's Nuclear Decision

The Brad Wall SaskParty government is performing well since being elected to govern. Wall’s message of “hope beats fear” has caught on and Saskatchewan will benefit long into the future as a result. Unfortunately, the NDP serve as nothing more than an anchor to our progress and look only to drag us back to the past.

Brad Wall is Saskatchewan’s Barack Obama. He is likeable, thoughtful, careful, prudent and well spoken in his role as Premier. His position on a nuclear reactor for Saskatchewan to address the world shortage of medical isotopes is the right and only decision. Public consultation is necessary and is underway, but Wall must act now if Saskatchewan is to take advantage of this special opportunity to place Saskatchewan on the world map as a leader. This will be the single most important legacy the Brad Wall SaskParty government will leave the people of Saskatchewan. He must act now and continue to display the leadership he has shown since taking office. Saskatchewan and the world, except the NDP and anti-nuclear groups, are expecting no less.