Monday, April 13, 2009

Kevin Martin & his Team

Kevin Martin and his team lost their final game against Scotland in the World Final in a most unusual way. No one is more disappointed than me other than Kevin Martin and his team. There will be controversy surrounding Kevin Martin’s decision to throw away the first of his last two rocks in the last end of this well curled final. Scotland won it fair and square. Kevin missed his last rock. If he had made the shot he played then there would be no controversy.

I know curlers across Canada are disappointed, but Kevin Martin and his team, representing Canada, is likely one of the best teams ever to have represented Canada. They are one of the best teams, and still are, to have ever played the game. We should not let this fact be lost in our emotions. Far be it for me to judge the shot calling ability of Kevin Martin. They proudly represented Canada and I am proud of all they have accomplished for Canada and for the game of curling in Canada and around the world. They are truly an inspiration and are truly Canadian. They will be around for quite a while to proudly represent Canada and the great Canadian sport of curling. Congratulations to Kevin Martin, his entire team and his coach for making us all proud.