Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lynne Yelich, MP Gets Bad Advice

A few days ago I received a political communications piece with the compliments of conservative Member of Parliament for Blackstrap, Lynne Yelich. I live in the federal constituency of Regina Wascana so this communications by Yelich was widely distributed on behalf of her conservative colleagues in anticipation of a federal election that is more likely off than on.

It is a cheap piece at best. It is on an 8.5 x 11 paper with no color. On the one side it shows a very nice picture of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and reads as follows: “With Conservatives you will keep your $1,200 per year child care benefit. Guaranteed.” Opposite that is a very bad picture of Stéphane Dion, which reads as follows: “Dion voted against the $1,200 child care benefit and will take it away.” Below these two photos it asks, what do you think? It then provides a small form to fill in and this is where it really gets crazy as it reads as follows:

I want to:

 Keep my child care benefit.
 Lose my child care benefit.

You then fill in your contact details; name, address, City/Town, Province, Postal Code and Email and mail it postage free at the taxpayers expense to Lynne Yelich, MP. Now which qualifying family would check the box to lose their child care benefit? Who believes they would lose it if they did check that box? Who believes that Stéphane Dion, the leader of the liberal party, does not support families? Who believes that Stéphane Dion would not honour the child care benefit or some other equivalent form of support for Canadian families if he became Prime Minister?

Maybe the next question will be:

 Keep your home
 Lose your home

If politicians ask the voters enough stupid questions the voters may begin to wonder just who is stupid. This communication piece by Lynne Yelich, MP was a waste of taxpayers’ money and an insult to the intelligence of Saskatchewan voters. I know Lynne Yelich is a much better person than this communication piece would suggest. It leaves me wondering who gave her such bad advice.