Friday, May 04, 2007

Alleged Fraud

The public is left with less respect for both NDP and SaskParty politicians after a lengthy debate in the Saskatchewan legislature over allegations of fraud. The SaskParty released confidential police documents in the legislature they claim were obtained in a brown envelope. Was it really a brown envelope or was it lily white or environmentally green? Why are leaked confidential documents always sent in brown envelopes? As the debate unfolded it became apparent that a former employee of the NDP caucus in 1992 allegedly had committed fraud according to her own letter of confession.

It was also alleged the NDP was involved in some form of cover-up by not reporting all the information to the Regina City Police until 1994. Interestingly, the police failed to lay any charges after they received the 1994 report from the NDP. The NDP stated their submission to the police was a full and complete report regarding the alleged fraud of a former employee of the NDP caucus.

It is now reported that the Regina police have launched an internal investigation into how two confidential department files made their way into the hands of Saskatchewan Party MLAs. Additionally, it is reported by the police that there is also a review underway of the investigation of the alleged fraud in 1992. Police are attempting to determine whether the information they've received merits reopening the probe.
The information the police had on this alleged fraud apparently had no merit to lay charges in 1994. Why would this same information now have merit in 2007? I can only assume that the police had some good reason not to lay charges in 1994. What was the reason? On what merit should the case be now reopened?

It could be that the police investigation will expose who leaked the confidential documents to the SaskParty MLAs. If that person is found to be closely linked to one of Saskatchewan’s political parties then a whole new debate will unfold regarding this sad trail of events in Saskatchewan politics. If the police reopen this case then others may be implicated and the plot will thicken. It is unfortunate to have all this happen at the same time when we are attempting to promote Saskatchewan as a great province. Regardless, it is the cost of seeking the truth.

The public, based on all that has been argued regarding this whole affair by the NDP, the SaskParty and the Regina City Police, deserves to know all the facts. To this extent, Premier Calvert has asked the Conflict of Interest Commissioner to investigate and report sometime in June of 2007.

It is now time for our well-paid politicians to move on with other important public issues. It is now time to let the police and the Conflict of Interest Commissioner perform their reviews and investigations. It is apparent our politicians cannot fully investigate this matter in the Saskatchewan legislature. It is apparent they have embarrassed themselves and lowered the bar of respect the public holds for our politicians. Move on!