Thursday, March 15, 2007

Goodale Performs

Some time ago not long after the federal conservatives formed government I wrote about how well Ralph Goodale handled his tumble from government to the ranks of the opposition.

Now I have to tell you that he has barely missed a step in how he performs. In his latest communication that went out to all his constituents Goodale carries on as if he is still in government. He sharply condemns the conservatives, and regarding the Income Trust issue, even calls Stephan Harper a liar.

It is clear that Goodale is steamed over this issue when you consider all the accusations made on Goodale by the conservatives during the last election. Goodale was cleared of any wrong doing attributable to him personally and you can bet that he will do all in his power to hang this issue on the conservatives at the next election.

The interesting thing is how Goodale continues to act as if he is still in government. In his brochure to his constituents he lays out a budget plan for the conservatives and calls it free advice. It is actually pretty good advice as Goodale, the former Minister of Finance, knows what the conservatives are likely to have in a good budget.

Further, Goodale goes on in his brochure to lay out more information that informs his constituents of all the good things the government has done for the Wascana constituency and for the City of Regina. He talks in terms of we and leaves the impression that he is still securing funding for his constituency and Regina when in fact it was funding from the former liberal government.

The issue should be what Ralph Goodale has done for you lately. Not what he had done for you in the past. There is a significant difference here and I will leave that for the voters to consider.

Yes, Ralph Goodale plays the game of politics very well. When you read his brochure you would think he was still in government.

Ralph Goodale is near the end of his elected political career, but you wouldn’t know that to see how he performs. Conservatives in Goodale’s constituency of Wascana should get on with nominating a good honest candidate to run against Goodale. It would be a challenge to take on Goodale. The conservatives shouldn’t be playing chicken and waiting for Goodale to retire before they drag out their star candidates. They should get at it and defeat him before he retires.

Goodale has been a great Member of Parliament and I salute him for this, but I think he is done like Dion.