Friday, February 02, 2007

Hillary Clinton Questioned?

Recent reports that Hillary Clinton, US Democratic Party Presidential candidate, wants the US troops out of Iraq, but with an increase of 2,000 US soldiers into Afghanistan is questionable. She claims that the war will be lost to the Taliban if the US doesn’t bolster their support of Canadian and NATO soldiers who are currently winning in their battle against the Taliban. Yes, it is a difficult battle and many good young men and women have sacrificed their lives to fight for Canada and freedom in Afghanistan and around the world. History tells us that Canadian soldiers are as tough as it comes and they don’t quit.

Hillary Clinton leaves the impression that if the US doesn’t more heavily get involved in Afghanistan then the Canadian and NATO forces will lose. I know this much. I wouldn’t bet on Canadians losing in any war and nor should Hillary Clinton. Canada has been calling for other nations to increase their commitment in Afghanistan and 2,000 more US soldiers would be welcomed in the fight to defeat the Taliban.

You have to ask if Hillary is only taking this position for her own political gain? Is it simply a means of getting the US out of Iraq? Many believe the US is unfortunately losing in Iraq and it is time for them to pull out. President Bush’s popularity is down the tubes over the war in Iraq. Hillary Clinton wants to capitalize on that, get out of Iraq and into Afghanistan where she thinks the US may claim victory.

I support Canadian and US soldiers in their courageous efforts without question. On the other hand, I question the motives of Hillary Clinton and the decisions made by politicians who send our troops out to battle.