Monday, April 03, 2006

Ralph Klein

The issue of Premier Ralph Klein’s loss of party support at a leadership review has many questioning the Alberta conservative party’s decision. Klein only received 55% of delegate support.

Ralph Klein has a record of achievement unmatched in Alberta, or anywhere else for that matter, but he is currently a victim of democracy. His time is over.

There are only a few factors that can prematurely crowd you out of politics. One is your style of leadership that can net you political enemies over a short period of time. You may also be victimized by your policies that either didn’t work or the public failed to accept. Personal problems can also be a contributing factor. Finally, based mostly on these factors, the public simply concludes it is your time to depart.

Democracy can be cruel, but it is democratic and that is our system. Ralph Klein should have few reservations about how he served the people of Alberta. The people should have few reservations about giving him the nod to retire as their Premier.

Most former politicians are simply allowed to drift into obscurity by the public they tried their best to serve. It is cruel, but it is democratic.

Ralph Klein will learn, as all other politicians before him, that there is a life after politics. History will record that Ralph Klein was a controversial and highly successful Premier of Alberta. Most other former politicians are barely mentioned in the books of historical record.

Do I feel sorry for Ralph Klein? No, because he was highly successful and has earned his retirement. Finally, Ralph Klein will continue to influence Alberta and Canadian politics. Count on it!