Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Political Slogans

Pondering Politics

Political slogans are risky. Political parties should be very careful when choosing a slogan. Consider for a moment the slogan of the federal Conservative Party of Canada. The slogan is, “Stand up for Canada.”

Now consider that a similar slogan was used in the early sixties by the Governor of Alabama. He was considered to be a racist Governor and used the slogan, “Stand up for Alabama.”

Does this mean the federal conservatives are racists? No, not at all, but it does mean the federal conservatives may have been a tad more original in choosing a slogan. It also means they have exposed themselves unnecessarily to further criticism from those who oppose them.

All those political operatives in the conservative party should be able to at least carefully choose a political slogan. Is it possible that Stephan Harper was the one who chose the slogan? Who knows? It is an interesting question.

You may be interested in the following link that gives you some idea of where the Governor of Alabama stood on issues of human rights. You may then want to compare that to the federal conservative party and come to your own conclusions.