Thursday, August 04, 2005

Senate Appointments

Pondering politics!

Well, I had hoped to leave writing about politics until the end of August to give people a break to enjoy our short summers. The recent Senate appointments require a short comment.

The Senate appointments included a couple of conservatives. This was generous of the liberals, but leaves the conservatives in a difficult situation, as they believe all Senators should be elected. I tend to believe that would not be harmful and is a popular position with most Canadians. Prime Minister Martin and the liberals may have gained some popular support by appointing a couple of conservatives. With the current system of appointing Senators it could be a long time before any could be appointed by a conservative government at the rate the Harper conservatives are going to remove the Martin liberals from power. Conservatives are left not being able to condemn the Senate appointments since they gained two Senators out of it all. Further, they are still trailing far behind the liberals in the polls and may not form government in the next decade.

As a long time conservative, I should get my name in for a Senate appointment by the liberals, as it would never happen under a conservative government. My appointment would please some conservatives and annoy others. The liberals could then just sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

Everyone has a different view of the Senate and the process by which they are appointed. Maybe they should be elected, but that is in the distant future. Regardless, I congratulate all the recent appointments. I believe they are all worthy appointments for different reasons. I am confident they will make some meaningful contribution for all the tax dollars that will go to pay their salaries. Patronage is still alive and well and now non-partisan. Interesting!


Larry Birkbeck
Regina, SK